Rig Mats

Shackle System
Our lifting shackles have three load  bearing surfaces and hide inside the beam when not in use.

Rig mats 30 feet or longer have four 81/2 T lifting shackles.
Rig mats under 30 feet have four 6000 pear rings.
We neatly drill the center hole for the shackle pin rather than cut the hole with a torch.

Reinforced Cross Members
We have a patent pending on our unique cross member design. Gusset plates placed strategically where the cross members meet the rail create a square tubing connection. This design protects the welds and increases the strength of the rig mat.

Loading Rolls
We use 5 1/2 O.D. pipe with a .304" wall and better for our loading rolls on the end of the mat. Other rig mat manufactures may use smaller size pipe.

We use 3/8" plate for our end caps on the roll ends and sized right for safety.

We weld end caps with 7018 welding rod, the stick process, to ensure good penetration and a double pass weld.

Hydraulic Porta Power
We use a porta power hydraulic jack or a screw jack at this stage of production. We custom cut the last wood inserts for a tight wood pack.
The last insert is cut to size and placed in the void. Pressure is released from the jack. We sledge the insert into place.

Note: Rig mats with inserts placed crossways are very simple to repair in the event of damage to the wood.

Our standard rig mats come in 20', 30', and 40' lengths and are 8 feet wide. Standard camp mats are 4 feet wide.

We will custom manufacture a size to suit your need.
Rig mat wood inserts can be treated with a spray on preservative or we can use pressure treated wood by request.

We also offer custom painting, plating, grating, serial numbering, and can configure your mats for your specific application.

Alberta Rig Mat interlocking mat video

We have a patent pending interlocking rig mat now on the market.  Please view the video below to watch the easy installation and separation.

These interlocking rig mats are designed to simplify the interlock process and keep the interlock join clear of debris and mud build up.